MOSSwall® can be utilized in a number of ways for corporate branding, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furniture, or simply to bring nature indoors.  There is really no limit as to what can be designed from MOSSwall®.

MOSSwall® has been created using a 100% ecological application to preserve a natural lichen and a system which allow the lichen to be placed onto a base and fixed to walls. 

MOSSwall® has many unique features but perhaps the most important is that it requires no maintenance and is the ultimate synergy of nature and design.

MOSSwall® is not simply a beautiful product it also has an important function of acoustic absorbency, so high levels of reverberation or echo can be efficiently controlled.


M O S S w a l l F L E X I ®



This new addition to the MOSSwall® range, allows full flexibility for all types of surfaces applications, it can be cut to size and either glued or stapled into place for easy installation.

Apart from the backing, FlexiMoss carries all of the same benefits of MOSSwall®, including Fire & Acoustic Certification, zero maintenance.

M O S S w a l l A C O US T I C ®


MOSSwall® Acoustic

Verde Profilo® in collaboration with Fonology, company specialized in acoustic for environments, has studied and realized an innovative acoustic panel with green soul. A certificated system for sound absorption, which reaches a α0,70 absorption index on the frequency of the spoken.

MOSSwall® colour range:

22 colors to choose from, created using a natural dye pigmentation preserving the organic nature of the moss.