Q1Is the moss living? 

A1. The moss is picked from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and goes through a preservation process. This ensures that providing the area retains a relative humidity of no less than 40%, the preservation treatment remains intact and the moss will continue to thrive in it's suspended state.

Q2. Do I need to water or trim the moss?

A2. No, definitely not. Watering will remove the preservation and anti static treatment. The latter means that dust does not settle on the moss. Trimming is not necessary as the moss will not grow.

Q3. Can the moss go into direct sunlight?

A3. YES. It can be applied into direct sunlight. The direct sunlight must be filtered by window glasses and the ambiance humidity should always be between 40% to 50%.

Q4. How do I know if my room is humid enough?

A4. Here in Australia the average, relative humidity of buildings is 45% to 55% and as humans we feel most comfortable at 30% to 60% relative humidity so unless you have a noticeably dry area it is likely to be OK. However you can buy monitors to provide exact data.

Q5. What if the area is too dry?

A5. Humidifiers can be purchased or even a bowl of water can have a significant impact on relative humidity, but as we say, here in Australia that would generally, not be a problem.

Q6. Can MOSSwall® help if I have damp within the room?

A6. Yes to a degree. Moss loves humidity and acts in a similar way to a sponge. It will retain the natural moisture.

Q7. How is the moss retained?

A7. The moss is handpicked and placed into steel trays measuring 60 x 40cm. It is held in place using zero odour, specialist, adhesive.

Q8. Some companies use MDF or other moss supports, why don't you?

A8. There are some instances where low emission, fire rated, MDF might be used. Such as to create an intricate design, however this is not standard. Our steel trays or flexiMOSS provide a relatively light weight system solution with integrated fixing points in each corner. MDF although practical for certain projects does not form part of our system due to it's rather "homemade", composite nature.

Q9. How is the moss fixed to a wall?

A9. If being placed directly to a wall you simply drill four holes into the surface to line up with the panel fixing points. You then screw fix the panels into place.

Q10. What is the weight of each panel?

A10. 2.4kg

Q11. I can't place items on to a wall but I love MOSSwall®, is there an alternative?

A11. MOSSwall® can be located on ceilings or there is the modular option. Freestanding units that can be used as display or feature walls as well as dividing space. Heights vary from 1.2 M to + 2 M. The system includes all you need for a freestanding modular option.

Q12. Has MOSSwall® been acoustically certified and to what level?

A12. Yes. This is an important feature of MW. Time and money has been invested to back up the claim of acoustic absorbency. The system was tested at the CSI Italian Institute January, 31 2014 and which refers to UNI EN ISO 354:2003 and UNI EN ISO 11654:1998 which resulted in an average level of 35% absorbency. Many companies lay claim to acoustic performance, few go to the time and expense to prove it.

Q13. What does 35% acoustic absorbency actually mean?

A13. It means that MOSSwall®will reduce the level of reverberation by 35% which will provide a more ambient and considerably calmer space. Further absorbency can be introduced with additional acoustic products compatible in design to MW.

Q14. Is MOSSwall® Fire Rated?

A14. Yes. Class 0 as standard.

Q15. I wish to integrate lighting to my MOSSwall® design or make allowance for service cables where MW is due to go. How do you deal with this?

A15. We would supply you with metal profiles. These are screw fixed to the wall with the MOSSwall® panels pushed into the receiving holes. The metal profiles have cable apertures already cut out to allow for lighting or cables located behind the system.

Q16. What is the lead time?

A16. This is led by your colour choice. If you choose one of the standard colours, Mint or Wasabi, you will receive your order 25 days from start of production. Other colours are approximately 45 days from start of production. However confirmation of this detail will be provided with your quotation.

Q17. Can you undertake a bespoke design?

A17. Yes. Whether this be the use of colours or shapes, we can provide a solution, just send us the detail and we will take care of things from there.

Q18.Can MOSSwall® be used on pillars and curves?

A18. Yes. We have a panel that can be used for this purpose.

Q19. Is there a minimum order?

A19. Yes. 1 box which contains 4 MW standard MW01 panels. The total area per box is 0.96sqm.

Q20. OK I'm sufficiently interested to learn more, what happens next?

A20. The best way to move forward is to email us at promoit@gmx.com with an overview of your project. If you can include the following information it expedites your request. Location (eg. wall or ceiling). Approximate size; height and width. Color choice. If you are going to include lighting or require cable access, let us know. Geographical location of site. If you have a specific design then please send this along. Lastly if you can send us a photo of the area you are looking to place MW, so much the better as we can provide a render that will give you a better idea of what it will actually look like on site.

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